FoxTrot Personal Search™
Welcome to FoxTrot Personal Search for Mac - public beta preview
FoxTrot Personal Search™ is a brand new application delivering the fastest, most focused and precise way to find data in the files on your Mac. Based on the revolutionary FoxTrot search engine - used in more than 40 countries by users of CTM's PowerMail - FoxTrot Personal Search brings high performance document retrieval and indexing to your most important files.
Foxtrot users on Mac OS X 10.3 and 10.2 gain a full-blown find-by-content solution on Mac OS X 10.4, FoxTrot extends Spotlight in several ways.
A public relaease beta release (will tested but may contain bugs) of Foxtrot personal search is now avalaible ( with unlimited search capabilities and index updates running for 60 days ) by clicking here
Why FoxTrot Personal Search ?
If you're using Mac OS X 10.4
In addition to taking full advantage of Spotlight's capability to handle hundreds of types of files, FoxTrot extends Spotlight in several ways:
in-context display of found terms
FoxTrot indexes file contents and metadata (file name, author, title and more). Instead of merely showing which files contain your keywords, FoxTrot Personal Search highlights these terms in a preview of the document itself. You can navigate to next and previous occurences, jump to a particular hit and and select text, all without needing to launch or switch to another application. FoxTrot Personal Search displays full PDFs, styled text documents and pictures, and will even play QuickTime movies and mp3 files you were looking for.
advanced categorization
advanced dynamic categorization In order to "zero in" on the documents which really matter, FoxTrot lets you narrow the number of hits by clicking on several categories. FoxTrot dynamically selects relevant categories based on the information and content of the files found. This advanced method, derived from scientific investigation techniques, lets you successively tag hits by file kind, age or parent folder. Advanced dynamic categorization is a unique FoxTrot feature.
flexible relevance ranking
Typical searches yield too many results: FoxTrot's exclusive ranking mechanism weighs each search result, and displays most relevant documents first. If you're overwhelmed by the number, a slider allows you to perform the search again with a more discriminating eye.
wildcards, exclusions and more
Searches can be made to include:
-all words in a search string
-at least one of the words
-an exact phrase
-any term except
as well as complex search patterns combining several criteria.
If you're using Mac OS X 10.3.x or 10.2.x
Users of Mac OS X 10.3.x and 10.2.x get with FoxTrot Personal Search the an ultra-fast and precise find-by-content solution for their most important files even without Spotlight or Mac OS X 10.4! At a fraction of the cost and hassle of moving to Mac OS X 10.4, your Mac supports with:
- OS X 10.3.x and FoxTrot Personal Search indexing and find-by-content for PDF, HTML, Word .doc, rtf rich text, Unicode, plain text types and file names.
- OS X 10.2.x and FoxTrot Personal Search indexing and find-by-content for PDF, rtf rich text, Unicode, plain text types and file names.
In 10.3.x and 10.2.x FoxTrot Personal Search will even find and play mp3 files and QuickTime movies and display pictures.
If you're using Windows
FoxTrot Personal Search for Windows is currently under development. If you are interested in being notified,
click here
In a nutshell
On Mac OS X 10.4, FoxTrot Personal Search offers a new level of quality of finding information in your files faster and provides search results that are more relevant than ever.
If you are a Mac OS X 10.3.x or 10.2.x user and plan to go to Mac OS X 10.4 mainly because of Spotlight, think twice and try FoxTrot Personal Search first.
What our test users say:
"FoxTrot Personal Search really brings a new dimension to managing relevant files on my PowerBook. I previously had to come up with file names and complex folder structures just be able to find information; thanks to FoxTrot, I now store thousands of documents of various types in a single folder and instantly find exactly what I had been looking for."
G. Christen, Zürich Switzerland
"Spotlight is okay if I have few clues about what I'm looking for, but it produces way too many results without a reasonable kind of ranking. With FoxTrot I really find what I need. It delivers a new level of quality in personal search."
J. Alvaro, Pleasanton CA US
"Hey great — on my 10.3 system I have now a more powerful find tool than my husband using Spotlight. I'm getting him FoxTrot, so he can do the dishes with the spared time!"
M. Porchet, Gland Switzerland
"At last! The tremendous e-mail search within CTM PowerMail is now available for all my files and servers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Violetta Bachtel, PowerMail user
Special offer
FoxTrot Personal Search 1.0 single-user licenses will cost 29 Euro (approximately 35 US$ depending on exchange rates) from www.foxtrot.ch ; 5-user packs will cost 99 Euro.
As an incentive for current owners of PowerMail and early adopters of FoxTrot Personal Search, we are making 1.0 licenses available now for 19 Euro during the beta period only, and 5-user packs for 65 Euro. Early buyers will, of course, get the final release at no additional cost.
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